We offer a full suite of services to help clients preserve their assets, grow their wealth and accomplish their long-term financial goals.

Argyle Capital Partners is a highly focused financial investment advisory firm with the singular goal of providing personalized wealth management solutions to individuals, families, small businesses and non profit organizations.

Portfolio Construction & Management

Argyle Capital Partners specializes in serving individuals and families preparing for retirement, sale of a business, inheritance, as well as entrepreneurs with “new wealth” and families in transition. We get to know our clients and their goals over time—it’s rare that a client can clearly articulate his or her “risk tolerance” in an initial meeting. Sometimes even defining one’s investment goals is a discovery process, and we take a consultative approach in helping clients identify goals and appropriate timeframes.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Financial Planning is something we believe can benefit all investors, but not everyone is ready for it. For those clients with the interest and inclination, Argyle Capital Partners works with an outside Certified Financial Planner (CFP) to design and implement a durable and dynamic financial plan, encompassing savings/spending, college planning, charitable giving, real estate, stock options, and business ownership interests.

ESG & Values-based Investing

With more options than ever before, today’s investor has the ability to make very specific choices about where his/her money gets invested. Your money can have an impact—Argyle Capital Partners offers solutions to help match your investment portfolio with your personal beliefs. Let us know if you have an interest in discussing ways to ensure that you and your money are having the biggest positive impact possible. “Your investments can do well, while also doing good….”

Securities-Based Lending

In some cases clients can benefit from leveraging their investment portfolio for their liquidity needs (tax payments, capital calls, etc). Through our relationship with Charles Schwab Institutional, we are able to provide loans to clients—against their taxable investment portfolios—with very compelling rates and terms. This is a great solution for a client who needs to access funds without requiring them to liquidate holdings at the wrong time.

401K Rollovers

Many of our clients have worked a long time to save for retirement, often accruing large sums of money in corporate retirement accounts—401k, 403b, Defined Benefit, Deferred Compensation, etc. We work with these individuals to ensure a smooth, tax-free, rollover of these assets into a qualified account when the time is right.

Alternative Investments

Argyle Capital Partners has access to a broad suite of alternative investments. For qualified clients, we can provide access to specialty funds, private equity, and/or hedge funds. Alternative investments can be an excellent complement to an already diversified portfolio, by enhancing returns or reducing volatility. Or both.