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The Rub Of A Record-Low VIX

This article was also published on RealMoney at 3:00pm EDT on May 10th, 2017 We last posted here in February on the topic of euphoria, or at the very least excessive complacency. The S&P 500 was about 2,330 and the Dow about 20,500 at the time. Both indices are about 2.5% higher today, and the headlines du jour concern the record-low readings we are seeing…

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Does Euphoria Come In More Than One Form?

This article was also published on RealMoney at 11:00am EDT on Feb 13, 2017 We often associate euphoria with excitement, jubilation, and excessive risk taking. People slapping each other on the back in public, complimenting one another and themselves for their genius when discussing recent stock trades. Vows to never allow a repeat of the torture and mental anguish suffered last time around.…

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